I help professionals and businesses construct cultures of JOY using high performance leadership training that increases productivity and fosters innovation through empowerment.

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With over twenty years experience at creating cultures of success in the music world, I have turned my talents to the business sector to reach a larger audience with my message of empowerment and joy in the workplace.  My music studio attracts students who win the highest chairs in All-State ensembles and are offered premiere scholarships to festivals and universities.  My community clarinet ensemble, which I founded and managed for ten years, has received international recognition.  I am also a successful freelance clarinetist, having performed throughout the world.  My jazz career includes performing with The Temptations and The Four Tops.

Innovative thinking has made me a leader in the resurgence of the practice of classical improvisation.  I have presented my research in this area at the 2017 International Clarinet Association Conference and the 2018 Single Reed Summit as well as various other venues.  Classical Woodwind Improvisatory Techniques, my pedagogical method book, is scheduled for release in winter 2020.  My expertise in this area makes me uniquely qualified to help businesses and professionals think outside the box when it comes to innovation, creativity, and problem solving!

This truly has been invaluable!

I can’t express how valuable these tools are to honoring your gifts and hugely advancing your career.

I could not put a price on Dr. Williams program! This has truly been invaluable!


I was STUCK! 


Dr. Williams’s tools, strategies and council helped me to get reacquainted with myself and to separate my value as a person from the job I was doing.  I now have a very clear vision of who I want to be professionally. Not only do I have the steps to get there, but I am on the path. I am ready to fly!


I now feel brighter, lighter and happier!


I can’t express how valuable these tools are to honoring your gifts and hugely advancing your career.


Tessa Davis

Program Director,

    Just Like My Child Foundation

International Development Professional



Leadership G.I.V.E.S. Empowerment Method


  • Become aware of your natural leadership abilities as well as areas that need more attention.  
  • Discover your own personality and leadership style as well as the vast array of other styles. 
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate. 
  • Implement a mindset of continued development. 
  • Build an intuition based on empathy. 
  • Develop the character and confidence necessary to lead yourself and others.



  • Discover how to foster an atmosphere in which creativity and problem-solving thrive. 
  • Separate the ego from achievement and build a trusting environment resulting in next-level creativity. 
  • Embrace practices that drive problem solving in new ways.
  • Learn to embrace different perspectives.



  • Envision the environment needed to create a culture of success and learn the mindset, strategies, and tools to implement it. 
  • Use this vision to produce practical methods to get every manager and team member on the same page. 
  • Create a driving vision for your company, career, or team that levels up purpose and engagement.



  • Develop an individualized mindset of equality resulting in a horizontal power structure where possible. 
  • Devise incentives that promote internal motivation. 
  • Empower yourself as well as every member of your team or company. 
  • Create communication structures for big ideas from those working on the front line to upper management.



  • Build an ongoing support system for long term success, first for yourself, and then for your team or company. 
  • Develop mentoring systems to increase productivity and shorten learning curves. 
  • Create a hiring practice based on your new cultural mindset.

You won't find anyone better!

Dr. Nancy Williams is a truly distinctive thinker; her ideas are unique. 


She takes a creative and thoughtful approach to fostering her clients' curiosity, and I know that anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Nancy will exit the room with a totally new perspective on their goals and thought processes.


If you're looking for someone to foster empowerment and thoughtful leadership with innovative techniques, look no further than Nancy. You won't find anyone better!


Jason Shafer

Principal Clarinetist, Colorado Symphony

Faculty, University of Northern Colorado



Nancy has been instrumental to my growth and development as a person. My life has been drastically altered due to the disciplines I learned through Nancy's teaching and I know it will do the same for others. Any business or individual would benefit from her expertise.” - Kristin Parrish, Author of Grafted, An Adoption Story