Nancy Williams Music Studio



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    Why do I teach music?

    Playing music allowed me to find my voice and grow in confidence while developing leadership and communication skills.

    As an educator, I help students overcome technical and musical challenges to find their own voices.  The journey of mastering an instrument often requires personal growth.  I guide students on this adventure, giving them tools to build the skills that will allow them to better connect with music, themselves, and the world around them.


    I specialize in teaching students auditioning for All-State events, participating in ensemble and solo contests, competing in national and international competitions, and applying for college scholarships.  

    Nancy Williams is an amazing individual to work with. Not only does she put herself into her work 110% but she does it with such grace and joy. She makes anything an enjoyable experience, whether it's rehearsal, a lesson, a coaching, or an excerpts class. I have personally learned how to improve my own playing from her natural ability to teach even in casual situations. She has amazing attention to detail and is always looking to learn while teaching others. I have enjoyed the few years I've gotten to work with her at UNC.”

    — Shelby Severance

    Nancy was my clarinet teacher for years, and after every lesson I felt like I had learned something and improved as a musician. She's an excellent clarinetist and excellent at teaching. One of my favorite teachers ever!”

    — Bengt Symstad

    Having Nancy as my private clarinet teacher throughout middle and high school gave me a big advantage musically. She went above and beyond to give me all the tools and skills necessary to become a successful musician. With her help I was able to achieve more than I could have imagined possible. She supported and encouraged me to challenge myself. Thanks to her, I made the South Dakota All-State Band all four years of high school and much more. From helping me pick out the perfect clarinet to providing me with opportunities to play in various musical groups, Nancy truly was the best teacher I could have asked for and a lifelong friend.”

    — Sarah Trooien

    Nancy Williams was the clarinet and contra Eb clarinet instructor for two of my children. She has the unique ability to direct the talents of each individual and work towards those gifts and goals successfully. My two children were very different in their learning and musical styles. Nancy was able to guide them through musical competitions, All-State band auditions, and youth symphony competitions. I cannot recommend her instruction highly enough. Whenever I am asked where my children received their instruction, I pass her information along. Regardless of your musical goals, Nancy will help you work towards successfully achieving them.”

    — Lucia Roda

    Nancy Williams is a talented, motivated, and charismatic teacher. She helped me, from her motivating teaching, gain more confidence in myself and my skills in music. One thing she showed as a leader was individualized consideration of each of her clarinetists, and showed up for our auditions for moral support. I always thought that act was above and beyond!”

    — Erin Lord

    I took private lessons from Nancy for many years as a middle and high school student. Under her teaching, I was able to participate in All State ensembles, various honor bands and a tour through Europe as a Midwest Music Ambassador. She has such full knowledge of clarinet and the instrument's repertoire. Every solo I performed by her suggestion both challenged me and also showcased my strengths. As a private instructor, Nancy had a significant impact on my life as a young student. Nancy's instruction ultimately directed my career path, as I became a private instructor myself and often find myself quoting her to my students. I would not be the player or educator I am today without Nancy's influence.”

    — Kristin Parrish

    Nancy Williams has been a very influential person in my musical career. She has pushed me to better myself in all aspects, from technical to performance work. Without her guidance and influence, I wouldn't be as consistent of a player or as focused musically, nor would I have made my musical goals that I have today. It is with Nancy's instruction that I had the opportunity to participate in All-State Band four years in a row, Black Hills symphony league Young Artist competition, as well as the youth clarinet choir and other local competitions. I would highly recommend Nancy Williams as a musical instructor regardless of your musical goals. She is an outstanding teacher and will guide her students towards greatness.”

    — Shelby Roda

    Nancy Williams is a driven individual who strives to continue her growth and education indefinitely. She excels in her ability to play the clarinet and specifically her musicality and use of expression. Her knowledge and passion for music are what drives her to teach her own students. She is especially talented in helping her students find their own musical voice and expressiveness.”

    — Hayley (Lynn) Smith