Learn This Before Turning 50

I turned 50 this year and honestly, it was just another day.

The magic of 50 is that my "just another day"
is at a whole different level than it has ever been.
I realized how much more empowered I am
than at any other time in my life.

I started to make a list of all the things that had gotten me to this point.

Here are the things I hope you learn by the time you turn 50.

  • to say no and not feel guilty.
  • to understand that feeling left out is worse than being part of anything in which you don't feel valued or respected.
  • to see your worth and the value of your time and energy.
  • to believe you're beautiful.
  • to give yourself permission to be in love with your life and yourself.
  • to do things you want to do, not things you think (or anyone else thinks) you should do.
  • to realize that being woke isn't a destination and that you have to be open to growth and change at any age.
  • to not define yourself by your profession or titles.
  • to stand up for yourself when you're treated unfairly.
  • to create boundaries that bring people closer to you, not push them away.
  • to embrace that putting yourself first means being able to help loved ones more, not less.

The most important thing I've learned is to keep learning.
That's how you level up your own culture and start attracting things, opportunities,
and people into your life that foster even more of your personal evolution.

Turning 50 wasn't a destination because there are no destinations.
It's all about the journey!


Dr. Nancy Williams is a music educator and leadership & life coach.  Sign up for weekly emails of inspiration and leadership tips and grab the free worksheet "5 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm"