The One Thing that Changed My Business Mindset about 2020

Shhh - don't tell. I'm ditching my goals right now. 

Normally, my goals are a fun challenge, a game with myself in which I always win, even if I don't achieve them fully. Just the act of making them and reaching *for* them gets me closer to my long-term vision 

Since the pandemic hit, I've been telling others to break their goals into smaller, more immediately time-sensitive chunks (and I’ve been doing that myself).  As 2020 has progressed, stress has been added upon stress, and I started seeing more anxiety within and around me.  My business goals weren't fun anymore. I was associating them with stress and pressure. 

To be honest, I had based them on an outdated culture, a system of expectations that is constantly being skewed by current events and an unsympathetic virus.  Life and business have changed so much in the last few months, even weeks, that chunking my goals into smaller bits isn't working anymore. 

I decided to do something radical! 

I ditched my 2020 goals, large and small, completely, in lieu of connecting more directly with my long-term vision. It worked! I'm more productive and less stressed.  Reconnecting with my overall vision has gotten me excited about my business again. I'm still moving forward, and in the right direction. 

These unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions. Maybe a lot of what we've been practicing that yielded great results previously doesn't work as well right now. 

I challenge you to challenge your habits and tweak (or take an extended break from) them!  Notice what’s working and what’s not and adapt through experimentation.  

Contact me if you’d like to hear more about how you can start not just thinking but living outside the box!

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