How to Lead an Established Team

My clients who already work in great teams get nervous when new leadership is being hired. 

It’s not because they’re afraid of change. 
It’s not because they’re inflexible. 
It’s not because they’re worried if they will be liked. 

They are nervous that the new hire is going to break what’s already great. 

Often when new leadership arrives, they are determined to make their mark and prove their worth. 

The team may be forced to - 

            read about the latest trends in communication,  
            go to unnecessary meetings, 
            and participate in redundant team-building exercises. 

That’s not saying that there is no worth in those things, except that that may not be what they need. 

If you are hired to lead an already established team, 
it’s most important that you do these things first: 

  • Observe. 

  • Ask questions. 

  • Listen. 

Most of the time, you’ll only need to get out of the way until you can clearly identify areas that need improvement or your assistance. 

If not, you will likely be a burden on their time, energy, and productivity. 

Don’t fix what’s not broken.

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